Near Bend, Oregon, there is a waterfall named Tumalo Falls. It’s a popular spot for visitors and locals alike because of its impressive size and beauty. Tumalo Falls drops about 97 feet, making it one of the largest waterfalls in the state. Hiking to the falls is easy and takes about an hour round-trip. Visitors can enjoy views of the waterfall from two different vantage points – from the base or from the top.

Tumalo Falls is among the most popular waterfalls in Oregon. The waterfall drops in two major steps, creating a breathtaking sight. Visitors can enjoy the falls by hiking the short trail to the viewpoint or by taking the longer trail to the base of the falls.

The beautiful Tumalo Falls are a must-see for those who love natural wonders. The falls can be seen from both an observation area near the parking lot, which has great views up river to its wall of water pouring over cliffs; or if you want something closer and more intimate, then there’s also hiking available, so it will take your breath away at how close these powerful drops come right before becoming hidden behind trees once again.

This fall is one of Oregon’s most powerful waterfalls. From the edge, you can see how quickly it drops over 70 feet into its final resting place below ground level. A hiking trail continues on from here to take visitors up Tumalo Creek for an even better view – if they’re feeling fit enough, that is… because this route isn’t easy going at all, with steep banks and difficult terrain making navigation tough work sometimes but always worth seeing what lies ahead in bucket list terms.

Tumalo Falls is a photographer’s dream. The trail leads you past waterfalls, old-growth forests, and elevation changes that make for some incredible scenery along the way. For those looking to extend their hike even more than usual, there are several options where they can intersect with other trails making it easy on both themselves as well as any others who may want to join in on this adventure too- seven miles isn’t nearly enough though when marveling at what Mother Nature has given us here… so get out your map because you’re going all day long.

The hike to Tumalo Falls is a great way for those who want an easy introduction to outdoor adventures. The parking fee will set you back $5, but it’s well worth seeing this incredible natural wonder. Most people go up just so they can see what all the fuss has been about – then come down again right away before their feet get wet or anything else bad happens (you never know how long these trails survive). 

Tumalo Falls’ Address: Tumalo Falls Road, Bend, OR, U.S.


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