Things to Do in Bend Oregon

Things to do in Bend OregonSandwiched between the impressively vast desert plateaus and the snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Mountains, Bend, OR, has truly transformed, rising from a sleepy lumber city into a spectacular mecca for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether your bucket list is filled up with beating hiking trails, reaching mountain peaks, hitting crazy road trips, or indulging in brewery exploration, we’ll take you through just how Bend checks all your boxes.

Go Hiking!

Central Oregon prides itself in tons of amazing hiking trails, ranging in scenery and difficulty degrees. Your trip to Bend is incomplete without exploring the great outdoors. If you are after scenic views, grab your hiking gear and take on the South Sister hiking trails. Stretching for close to twelve miles, this amazing trail starts off at Devil’s Lake Campground. Considered as a relatively challenging hike, especially to get to the mountain’s peak, brace yourself for a good one! This is no surprise given that South Sister is Oregon’s third tallest mountain peak. However, getting to the top is so rewarding, seeing as hikers will be treated to breathtaking views of the other three sisters; Mount Bachelor, Broken Top, and Fingered Jack. For this and any other hike that you’d like to indulge in, be sure to check out the weather before you get an unpleasant surprise up ahead.

Drink Crafts Beer

Bend is almost synonymous with craft beer and putting into consideration its population and size, the city has done quite a great job when it comes to the success in its breweries scene. At the moment, Bend is home to close to twenty-five breweries, which would mean that there is one brewery for every 4,000 residents. In bend, indulging in crafts beer does not end at making the beer; there are also fun events, top-notch sampling rooms, lovely gear that you can take as souvenirs, as well as well-versed and super friendly staff members to take care of any queries that you might have. If you want to make the best out of your crafts-beer experience in Bend, be sure to take on the Bend Ale Trail, which includes up to 18 breweries, all in close proximity to each other.

Shop Until you Drop!

Bend, OR, prides itself in tons of shopping areas where avid shoppers can indulge as much as they want to, including Bend Factory Stores, Downtown Bend, as well as The Old Mill. Downtown Bend, especially, is quite a darling for shoppers, lined with yummy eateries, unique boutiques, antic shops a live brewery, and numerous coffee shops. At the Factory Outlet, the stores offer shoppers unbelievable prices on top fashion brands. At the Old Mill, shoppers will enjoy fine dining at some of the city’s leading restaurants, catch a movie at the theatres or even shop at popular stores. The best thing about shopping at Bend is that there is zero sales tax!

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