At Details we believe the environment is as special inside a home as it is outside; it is the most important space your family occupies. We use only top notch supplies made by the finest companies in the world. You won’t get a better clean from any other products.

These products focus on the health of your family and our employees as well. Every year we attend national conferences to search out safe cleaning solutions that will promote a healthy environment for our clients and employees.

Most cleaning companies bring the same products and tools from home to home. Here’s why we don’t: Germs, viruses, and other contaminants present in other homes may infect your home when the same products or tools are transported from house to house. For the health and convenience of our clients, we do not transport cleaning products from one home to another. Our process is to determine which products and tools your home needs, and then we place them in your home to stay. Not only are the products there when the crew arrives to provide your service, but they are available for you to use as you need. You will never be asked to replace any products or keep track of the quantity for restocking.


Stone Logix and Leather Magic

Stone Logix and Leather Magic has been handed the Green Seal Certification. It joins companies such as the Oxy Company, Ltd, Ipax Cleanogel, Inc., Drummond American and Ecolab as a superior industry product.

Details is proud to be a partner distributor for Stone Logix Products and we welcome any inquirer of their line.

LEATHER MAGIC® Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

A formulation breakthrough that revolutionizes the cleaning, restoration , and preservation of fine leather items such as: home and office furniture, auto interiors, apparel, boots and shoes, luggage, briefcases, handbags, belts and accessory items, and many other smooth pigmented leather products. Leather Magic’s rich, creamy lotion preserves the feel, luster and scent of fine leather.

It’s the professional’s choice!


Stone Logix Neutral Cleaner


For Natural Stone

Not only is Stone Logix Neutral Cleaner safe for the environment, it safely cleans natural stone fast and easy. Stone Logix unique chemical blend breaks down oils, grime and dirt making it simple to mop away. Restores and brightens tile and grout to its original color with oxygen power.

  • Neutral pH
  • Non-etching formula
  • Lab tested
  • Will not attack finish

Dusting Tools

Details Professional Cleaning is proud to use professional feather dusting products together with a microfiber cloth and polish to remove small dust particles from your home.

There are many products on the market for dusting,  but nothing surpasses the feather duster– if the user is knowledgeable in the use and care of the tool. The feather dusters we use are premium mature black ostrich feathers that have the largest, fullest surface of any dusters available. The feathers pick up maximum quantities of dust, reducing cleaning time as well as effort.

The Professional Glass and Mirror Cloth allows us to forgo the use of any type of chemicals for glass surfaces, furthering our Reduced Toxicology Program.

The cloth and water completely remove even the toughest grime from all glass surfaces including mirrors, shower doors, and picture fronts. Black appliances? Say goodbye to streaks! The quality of the cloth’s extra fine microfiber withstands up to 500 washings.


A Sh-mop is not just another gadget, its sturdy, large plastic base – covering more territory than conventional mops – pivots in every direction to clean corners, angles and under tight spots, quickly and easily.

The Sh-mop uses a washable thick, 100% cotton terry cloth cover, fitting over the frame, reducing the lifetime costs vs. disposables. Forget the bucket! We can tackle those floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets and more with the Sh-mop’s rugged design.


Sheila Shine


Sheila Shine–Only the sun shines brighter! Details Professional Cleaning is proud to be the Central Oregon distributor for Sheila Shine residential application products. Sheila Shine does not contain acid, silicon, or any other abrasive substance.

Sheila Shine, considered by experts to be the finest stainless steel polish and preservative produced to date, has an amazing story of product success.

  • Sheila Shine polishes without rubbing
  • Sheila Shine prevents liquid penetration
  • Sheila Shine eliminates streaking
  • Sheila Shine resists finger marks

Sheila Shine–proven by performance to be the most effective product for the maintenance of Stainless Steel. Three steps in one—Cleans-Polishes-Protects.

Bona Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Your hard wood floors deserve the best! Details Professional Cleaning uses the Professional Bona Series. Bona products are formulated for all types of hardwood floors coated with a clear un-waxed finish as well as all types of stone, tile and laminate floors.

Bona is a high quality, professional no residue cleaner and is also non-toxic. Together with the flat ShMop, Bona leaves your wood floors with the beauty you expect and nothing else.


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