Simple Tips to Help You Clean and Organize Your Refrigerator

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This piece is most likely causing you to break out in a cold sweat since you have no recollection of the last time you actually cleaned and organized your refrigerator. 

Not to worry, we’re not going to lecture you because many people are in the same situation as you. Writing this post is intended to provide you with the motivation to go downstairs, get started, and learn how to keep the fridge clean and organized. 

Our refrigerators are used every day, but how often do we actually clean them, and do we know the best way to clean a refrigerator. Probably not very often. We don’t get to do it as much as we should. A fridge is something that tends to be is easy to forget about cleaning, but it is also a place that may become very cluttered and unclean quickly.

Food spills, condiments drip, and you forget about that half-empty jar of pasta sauce until it is well past its expiration date. It happens to the best of us. Naturally, we should all clean out our refrigerators more frequently, but even if you aren’t doing it very regularly, you should make an effort to do so at least once a month if you are able.

Here are some pointers on the best way to organize the refrigerator and keep it clean. 

Empty Shelves And Clean

No, we’re not kidding. Make a thorough cleaning of your refrigerator by taking everything out, tossing old and expired products, and using dishwashing detergent to scrub every square inch of it, including the walls and shelves. Remove the refrigerator drawers and shelves and place them in the sink, filling the sink halfway with soapy water and cleaning and drying everything. Do this shortly before your major shopping day, when your fridge is almost completely bare, making it easy to start from scratch the following day.

Designate Space 

Assign a specific amount of space to each food type; modify shelves to ensure that everything fits and reorganizes stuff back into the fridge by zone. If you’re a fan of pre-packing lunches, designate a space where you can store them.

Use Containers in the Fridge and Freezer

Storage containers that are airtight keep food fresher for a longer period, and bins are especially useful for storing odd-shaped or small packages such as meat and cheese nibbles, yogurt pouches, and fruit packs. Use clear egg holders to keep eggs in check, and if we’re being completely honest, no refrigerator should be without a set of stacking wine holders.

Use Labels on Your Refrigerator Containers

Clearly labeling food storage and bins helps to avoid refrigerator turmoil and actually helps to retain your sanity when it comes to keeping cold foods organized and easily accessible. Labels also help to keep the entire family on the same page about where an item belongs and encourages everyone to participate, which is a real win-win situation. Paint pens and chalk markers are ideal for labeling tasks since they can be readily changed up or updated with expiration dates.

Top Tips: 

  • The bottom shelf or drawer of your refrigerator is the ideal spot to store meat because it’s normally the coldest part of the fridge to put meat in.
  • Keep butter and soft cheeses on the inside of the doors, where it will be the most heated.
  • The middle shelf is the greatest spot to store milk, eggs, sour cream, and yogurt since the temperature is more stable there than on the bottom shelf.
  • For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a refrigerator dedicated to drinks, like the Kardashians (or a smaller refrigerator), arrange drinks in a row by kind so it’s simpler to see what you have and grab on the move. 

Maintain Your Hard Work

Let’s face it, keeping the refrigerator organized is a job that demands constant attention. These tips should have shown you how to keep the fridge clean and organized. It’s not as bad as it seems, is it? If you haven’t cleaned or organized your refrigerator in a while it may be a large task to start with. If you continue to use these the best way to organize the fridge and the best way to clean refrigerator tips you should be able to maintain your hard work without it becoming a huge task again. You should clean your refrigerator at least once a month but you will be better off if you keep up with it once a week on shopping day and give it a thorough cleaning every couple of months.

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