This service brings your home’s cleanliness up to our high standards with a full, top-to-bottom cleaning, and it allows for a “fresh start” in the least obtrusive manner. After the Initial/Spring Cleaning Service the home is ready for our Maintenance Cleaning on a regular basis. Additional items given attention during this type of service are things like: inside of cabinetry and appliances, wet cleaning of all woodwork like baseboard and window sills, and even removal, cleaning, and replacement of all light fixtures. This is a great option for homes that are going to be sold, or that need to be brought into top condition. We schedule initial/spring cleanings to be completed at one time, adjusting our crew as necessary for the size of the home and work required. As a service to you, we can contract with service partners to clean your windows and carpets at the same time, allowing for a truly completely clean home.


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