The Oregon Badlands Wilderness is a beautiful and unique area located in Oregon. The wilderness has 29,180 acres and is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The area is known for its badlands, which are strange-looking hills and cliffs that have been eroded by water and wind. The badlands make up most of the wilderness, but there are also forests, canyons, and rivers.

The Oregon Badlands Wilderness is a collection of remarkable and exciting landforms. The rugged, volcanic landscape holds features like inflated lava that make up the sandy soil covering low-lying areas in these fields throughout its area.

The Dry River that courses through this area is an excellent reminder of our planet’s ancient past. Active during each one of several ice ages, it marks the southeast boundary between two volcanic areas—Badlands volcano and Horse Ridge volcanoes. The Oregon badlands wilderness provides travelers with a glimpse into how life may have thrived before humans ever existed on Earth.

The Oregon Badlands Wilderness is a World Heritage Site because it contains some of Earth’s most unusual and beautiful land. Along the Brothers Fault Zone, you can find faulting movement, which has faulted up old Horse Ridge volcanoes, but not badlands volcanoes. 

The Oregon Badlands is a unique region of trails that were formed by flowing lava. The flow in question developed an unusual hole through its roof, which became the source for all new builds on top – creating what we know today as “the badlands.” There’s also one major feature left behind after these piles drop off: A pit crater at stature where fiery liquid rushed every direction without control before sealing itself off forevermore. One interesting tidbit you might not have known about this area.

The Badlands Wilderness is a haven for many wildlife species, including yellow-bellied marmots and bobcats. Mule deer live in the southern portion of this area which attracts them during winter months when they need fresh meat or habitat to rear their young on; avian enthusiasts can find great numbers (and sizes) across all types here: prairie falcons & golden eagles.

Hiking through the Oregon Badlands Wilderness is an amazing experience. The trails are well-maintained and offer many opportunities for exploring this vast area of ancient western juniper woodlands atop Columbia River Basalts, which possess traces from human history as seen by careful observation.

The Oregon Badlands Wilderness is among the most pristine areas in America. With its highest-level protections, it enjoys almost unprecedented protection from development.

Oregon Badlands Wilderness Address: Oregon Badlands Wilderness, Bend, OR 97701, U.S.


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