How To Spring Clean Your Home and Declutter

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There’s nothing quite like getting home to a freshly cleaned house. Fresh bedding to climb into at night, sinks that you can see your reflection in, and an oven that you could eat off (should you ever be so inclined). And now that the weather is turning, it’s the right time to throw open your windows and raid your cleaning supplies. It’s time for house spring cleaning.

Doing a top to bottom house clean can be overwhelming, to say the least. So it’s a great idea to break it down. Go room by room, or even appliance by appliance if your spring cleaning list is enormous. The first step, make sure you have all the best cleaning products on hand. You don’t want to have to pause just when you’re getting into the swing of things because you forgot to stock up on toilet bleach.

Here you’ll learn how to spring clean your home so thoroughly that you’ll make any excuse to invite people over, just to show it off. Let’s get to it. 

The Kitchen

The heart of the home. Meaning it can be the heart of dirt and grime due to constant use. It sees food thrown about by children and coffee cup stains from the drink that wakes us up in the morning. So, where to start?


Your countertops will see lots of use in their lifetime. If you have beautiful granite countertops, seal them once they’re installed and continue to seal them year upon year to guarantee continued beauty and shine. 


Dirt and grime gather on the top of your kitchen cabinets. So now’s a great time to dig out your feather duster and get to work! Don’t forget to take this opportunity to go through the items inside your cupboards too. You’ll find long-forgotten tins hidden in the dark depths of cabinets that will do better in the trash than in your cupboards.


That means inside and out! Take out all of the detachable drawers and shelves, and give it a deep clean with warm, soapy water. That way, you’ll say goodbye to that suspicious smell you haven’t been able to pin down!


Everyones least favorite job, but one of the most important. Smelling burning when the ovens in use is a sure sign that it’s begging for a deep clean. Get rid of the loose pieces first. Then using a mix of baking soda and white vinegar get scrubbing. 

The Bathroom

Another well-used space, but one that should be getting an excellent clean more than once a year. Use your best cleaners to ensure all areas of your bathroom are getting the care and attention they need.


Pretty much all bathrooms have an area covered with tiles. Get a cleaner that says it’s a neutral PH on the label. This means you won’t cause any unnecessary damage to your precious tiles. Don’t forget the grout either. A trusty baking soda and water mixture should do the trick. 

Shower Curtains

Plastic and vinyl shower curtains like to hold onto dirt and grime. Stick them in the laundry on a gentle cycle, along with bath mats, so the plastic curtains don’t damage your washing machine. 

Shower Drain

If they’re clogged, tackle that problem first with a tried and tested de-clogger. To keep drains fresh, take a mix of ½ cup baking soda, ¼ cup of table salt and pour it into the drain. Follow it with 1 cup of heated vinegar. Let it bubble away for a max time of 15 minutes. Then, just flush it out by running the hot tap. 

Don’t Forget

These house spring cleaning tips only cover the most well-used rooms in your homes and are there to get you started. Some other key areas will need the spring cleaning touch too.

The Bedroom

Freshen up your bedroom by concentrating on your mattress, bedding, and curtains. A good clean of these will breathe new life into the room. It’s also time to go through your closet. Give the clothes you don’t want or use anymore to charity and keep only the things you love.


Get the vacuum out and get at your furniture. Concentrate especially on fabric-covered furniture as they like to hold on to crumbs and dirt. Be certain to get into all the nooks, then spritz with a fabric refresher at the end for continued freshness. 

Windows And Doors

Wiping down the glass from the inside might be something you often do. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to take it outside too. Give them a proper scrub with soap and water, then blast the excess off with the hose. Who said cleaning had to be difficult?

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