How Often Should You Wash Your Rugs at Home

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A rug can tie any room together, making your home seem cozier and more welcoming while adding aesthetic value to your interior design. However, rugs are generally placed in high traffic areas and can subsequently fall victim to spills and stains, so cleaning your rug regularly is essential. But, how often should you wash your rugs? Well, this guide aims to answer that exact question, so if you’re interested in finding out more about how often you should wash your rugs, then simply read on! 

Why Do Area Rugs Need To Be Washed?

Rugs are a form of flooring, but unlike wood or tiling, it can seem hard to keep them clean. You can’t use a mop or floor wipes and a wet rug will take a very long time to dry, so many people decide to settle for vacuuming in an attempt to keep their rugs clean. However, this isn’t enough to rid your rugs of dirt and grime, as it will simply get forced deep inside the fibers each time you step on your rugs no matter how often you vacuum. Bacteria can also start to spread, and vacuuming alone will not remove these bacteria. Many people wear shoes inside their home, and this can mean that the dirt that you pick up outside will get walked around your property and subsequently spread across your rugs. Even if you do not wear shoes inside, the daily mess from eating, pets, children, and a range of other sources can cause your rugs to become dirty and unclean, so it’s vital that you take the opportunity to wash your rugs regularly. Washing your area rug can also help to maintain their color and quality, as it can refresh the fibers and remove staining or dust that could lead to signs of discoloration. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Area Rugs? 

The regularity that you choose to wash your rugs can depend on your unique household. If you have pets that go outside often such as dogs or cats, or if you have young children that regularly make all kinds of mess, then you likely need to wash your rugs far more often when compared with a single person, pet-free household. Generally, a busy household should aim to wash their rugs every 8-10 months, whereas a smaller home without many mess-inducing inhabitants should wash their rugs around every 10-12 months. As long as you wash your rugs at least once every year, they should be able to stay as fresh and clean as can be, in a brilliant, eye-catching condition. 

How Can You Wash Home Rugs Properly? 

It can be tricky to wash your rugs properly, so it’s always best to seek out professional rug cleaning services to get the best possible result. However, if you want to wash your rugs yourself, then using a steam cleaner would be a good option to pursue. Steam cleaning uses hot water vapor to power through bacteria and grime, helping to reinvigorate your rugs without the risk of damage.

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