Famous People from Bend Oregon

Famous People from Bend OregonKnown for its sheer beauty, deep history, and rich cultural heritage, Bend, a stunning Oregonian city, is among USA’s fast-growing communities, transforming itself into quite a welcoming recreational and residential hub.  Being home to some of the country’s prestigious neighborhoods and residential communities, it is not a surprise that Bend, OR, attracts tons of visitors as well as new residents each year, ranging from prominent political figures, famous celebrities, and popular athletes. Bend’s population stands just below the 100,000 residents mark, which means that it is neither too crowded nor too scarcely populated. Below are some of the city’s most famous residents:

Matthew Chandler Fox

Chandler is a renowned photographer and actor, featuring in numerous highly-rated television shows and top profile movies in the course of his super successful career. One of his most notable works was his role as Jack Shephard in the widely appreciated TV series ‘Lost’. Other works in which he prominently featured include Vantage Point, Party of Five, Bone Tomahawk, Emperor, and Alex Cross. Chandler is indeed one of Bend’s most proud residents.

Donald M. Kerr

Kerr was an enthusiastic conservationist a renowned wildlife biologist who was originally from Portland, Oregon but moved to Bend, which is where he ended up spending most of his adult years. Donald is the founder of Bend’s High Desert Museum, running the facility for nearly two decades (16 years), and helping in transforming it into Central Oregon’s most valued tourist attraction centers.

Unfortunately, Donald’s obsession with birds, specifically those of prey, would end up becoming the death of him. He contracted a life-threatening virus from the Great Horned Owl’s dreaded talons. In memory and honor of Kerr’s contribution to the museum, in 2001, the institution launched the ‘Birds of Prey Center’ then went ahead to name it after him.

Christina Cutter

Cutter, alias ‘KIKI’, hails from Bend, OR. She is a professional Alpine ski racer (retired) who rose to stardom after becoming the first-ever winner from America during Norway’s Olympics in 1968. During her career, which spanned 3 years, Kiki had a total of 5 career victories. This record went unpassed for more than a decade. Currently, Cutter has a publishing business in the Oregonian state of Bend.

Philip Hampson Knight

‘Buck’, as he is popularly known, is an American-based multimillionaire credited with co-founding Nike Inc. Before going into retirement, Philip served as the firm’s CEO and Chairman. He is known to spend quite some quality time in his Bend’s prestigious residence.

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