One of the great things about Deschutes County is that it is full of history. If you’re interested in learning about the old and native tribes of America, the Deschutes Historical Museum is a great place to start. It’s home to a variety of exhibits that will give you a better understanding of the region’s past. So if you’re eyeing a fun and educational activity, be sure to check out the Deschutes Historical Museum.

The beautiful Deschutes Historical Museum is a great location to learn about the history of the area. You can see artifacts from the Native American and pioneer periods and learn about the logging, railroad, and fur-trapping industries. It’s the perfect destination to visit if you’re interested in local history.

The Deschutes Historical Museum is a place where you can learn more about the Bend area‘s history, from its prehuman times all the way up to now. The museum has extensive exhibits on Native American tribes and exploration teams who settled in this region before there were any other people here; how they lived as well their culture, which significantly impacted ours today- especially when it comes down to material medical use for healing or hunting purposes. Other displays cover important topics such as loggers’ work transporting trees through rivers.

The picturesque Deschutes Historical Museum houses not only a collection of antique items and historical memorabilia but also an extensive library with books on Central Oregon history. This historical museum is open to the public for browsing through its vast assortment, or you can sit down at one table in their reading nook, where I’m sure many people have enjoyed relaxing after spending time outdoors on hiking trails nearby.

At the Deschutes Historical Museum, you can find out about early exploration and fur trapping, the Native American tribes, the High Desert, and logging and Forest Service history. The museum has a lot of visual displays that make it easy to understand how life was and has been in Deschutes County.

The Deschutes Historical Museum is a place that should not be missed, especially if you have an interest in the past. It houses old photographs and paintings as well as artifacts from all over; it makes for perfect museum-quality viewing with its dioramas and letter-writers alike. You’ll get more than just history here – this filled facility has plenty to offer your senses, too; you can even taste some dishes prepared by local chefs at one stop on their tour.

Deschutes Historical Museum Address: 129 NW Idaho Ave, Bend, OR 97701, U.S.


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