Deep Cleaning Vs Move Out Cleaning: What’s the Service Difference?

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Everyone likes to have a clean home, and there is a good chance that you give your home a deep clean at least once a year. But what is the difference between the different types of cleaning? And what can you expect to happen to your home?

Read on for a guide on the cleaning levels that your home can receive.

What is a regular clean?

A regular or one time clean is something that you do on a regular basis. This level of cleaning involves vacuuming the carpets, mopping your floors, and removing dust from the furniture. Surfaces are clean, rubbish is removed, and the place is left looking clean and tidy. This is the lightest level of cleaning that you can expect from a cleaning service. How often should you clean like this? That depends on how busy your household is. If you have a quiet home, you should tidy up the kitchen after every meal, but vacuuming and other cleanings can be done once a week. However, if you have a full house with active children and pets, you may need to complete a regular clean every day.

What is a Deep Clean?

A deep clean is slightly more intensive than a regular clean and generally needs to be done around every six months. Although, some people like to leave this to once a year. A deep clean involves cleaning every surface, including the baseboards. The bathroom doesn’t just get a wipe over, the taps and showerheads are descaled. The Kitchen is thoroughly scrubbed, including the oven. And any applicants you have are flushed through to make sure they are running as well as they can. This level of cleaning is necessary to maintain a healthy home, and it also ensures that regular cleaning is more efficient. 

What is a Move Out Clean?

When you are leaving a property, you are expected to leave the place in perfect order. This means doing a deep clean once your items are out of the house. If you have ever used a rental property, you will know that this type of cleaning can be the reason that you get your deposit back. Even if you don’t rent your property and are moving out because it has been sold, it is nicer for the new residents to move into a clean home. Cleaning a property when it is empty of furniture makes it a lot easier to clean as all of the corners can be easily reached.

Everyone has different levels of cleaning that are required for their home when it comes to regular cleaning and deep cleaning. However, when it comes to completing a move out cleaning, this is highly intensive and thorough, cleaning places that may not have been cleaned in several years (or in some cases, decades!). When it comes to a move-out clean, it is best to call the professionals to ensure that every inch of your property is a shiny as the day you moved in.

At Details Professional Cleaning, our friendly team is always available for move-out and deep cleaning services.

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