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  • My sincere thank you to you and Donna for today. The house feels So clean, finally. Couldn't have gotten it done without you!

    Sally Miller
  • We have a home in Sunriver, Oregon that we rent out on VRBO. We use “Details Profession Cleaning” to clean and maintain our home, as we don’t live in the area. This relationship is very important to me. It’s based on trust, attention to detail, cleanliness, expertise in cleaning VRBO homes that are for rent, and great communication. They exceed my expectations and I am very thankful for our working relationship. Each VRBO property is unique, Bonnie the owner of the company is willing to adapt and make changes unique for your property. Most other companies are cookie cutter. Call and make an appointment, I highly recommend!

    Maria Fox
  • I have owned 3 houses in the Sunriver area over the last 15 years. I’ve had them in rental pools, rented them on my own and now use my current home enough to not bother renting. I have to say that Details Pro Cleaning is the most complete and professional service I’ve had over the years and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

    Kim Wilson Corporate Secretary, Wilson Construction
  • We have been working with Details Professional Cleaning for about 4 years now. They are very professional yet personable. Communication with Details is and has always been outstanding. We live about 2.5 hrs away and are not able to speak in person. You can e-mail, text, call and even fax them. They follow through and do the job extremely well. We have enjoyed working with them and hope that we will be able to continue our relationship for many more years to come.

    Ginger Jones
  • Just heard from the new owners and they are going in Monday morning to start work on the house and said it did not need to be cleaned. I am so sorry. You have been so patient w/ your scheduling. Although we never met I want to say thank you for cleaning our house all these years. You guys were great. You may use that quote for your newsletter. Thanks again for everything.

    Sue Marceaux
  • Kirsten is awesome!!! I love when she cleans my house… So if she forgets to tell you, after my surgery I hooked up the little shower sprayer you installed and used it for two weeks until my stitches could get wet! It was totally awesome and I forgot to tell you that the other day when we were talking. What a benefit it was to have it already installed! Thanks Bonnie

    Cathy Smith
  • When we moved to Bend in 2007 our realtor referred us to Details to do a beginner’s clean-up on our new house.  Details did a great job and we have continued to use Details every month for these 11 years  and so appreciate their work.  The house just sparkles when they finish!

    Barbara Balz
  • Thank you both so much for coming in and cleaning my house at the last minute. You did an amazing job, and your communication with me while you were cleaning was incredible. All of that construction dust was so daunting to think about tackling. For the first time, my house actually feels like my home and a weight has left my shoulders. I will recommend your services to anyone in need that I know. Have a wonderful day!

    Holly H.
  • I manage a home for my employer that was purchased in 2007 and we have used Details Pro as our “GO TO” service since purchasing the home. They also cleaned it for the previous owners. Details Pro have done an exceptional job taking care of the home. They are also willing to let people in for issues with the house and makes calls for us to have problems fixed, as we are located in Springfield and I’m not familiar with vendors in the Sunriver/Bend area. Details Pro does an excellent job stocking the house with products that the owners request the home be stocked on a regular basis. Our homeowners have some very strict cleaning requests and Details Pro is always happy to go the extra mile which makes my job a lot easier. I would strongly recommend you use their service, and let someone else worry over if things are done or not, as they always are with Details. Below is a short list of outside services they have made the arrangements for, and supervised, service to the home. • Carpet Cleaning • Window Washing • Furnace Repairs • Alarm Service • Appliance Repairs • Pest Control All of these service providers have been excellent resources also. Details Pro is always on top of all of our requests and makes follow-up calls to make sure everything is done right. We love them. You may contact me directly if you have additional questions.

    Sally McKinney Executive Assistant, Timber Products Company
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