1. Ability to laugh at work–because you like what your doing

2. Onsite back up daycare

3. Don’t wait for vacation–available immediately if coverage is there!

4. Good wages including Birthday paid at double time if a regular workday

5. Don’t carry supplies from house to house!

6. Teamwork and relationships are reinforced daily

7. Great uniforms


9. Consistent training and evaluations

10. Excellent advancement opportunities


Must have own transportation and Oregon Drivers License

Must love to laugh

Must love to be part of a team

Must speak english–fluently

Must be able to write and fill out paperwork in English

Must be willing to go the extra mile and be rewarded for it

Must be somewhat flexible on daily ending time

Must have clear background check

Must have the desire to be rewarded and respected by management and coworkers

Must be able to see and appreciate detail

Must be able to smile in the face of adversity

Must be able to pass a drug test

Must be able to show compassion

Must be available for pizza parties

Must be willing to give respect to management and coworkers

Must be willing to work in a “NO DRAMA” work environment

Must be willing to start at the bottom–how fast you rise is up to you

Must be willing to earn and accept bonuses

Must be willing to work your way up to $20.00 per hour–how fast you rise is, again, up to you

Must be willing to “prove” you want to be here by learning our processes and applying them

Details Professional Cleaning Application

    How long have you lived in Bend?

    Allergies or problems with: CatsDogsBirdsCleaning SuppliesNone
    Please explain any yes answers below. (Note: If the Employee responds “YES” to being allergic to one or more CLEANING SUPPLIES, please understand that it will be up to the Employee to avoid or be careful in using these products regardless of the source of the supplies.)

    Do you presently suffer from any of the following: Alcohol or drug addictionBack or other chronic painAsthmaHeart conditionNone
    Please explain any choices above in the space below.

    Do you have any professional housekeeping experience: YesNo
    If yes, how much: Years Months

    Do you presently clean anyone’s home or business: YesNo
    If yes, do you plan to continue? YesNoN/A

    Are you willing to work part-time: YesNo
    Workable Minimum and Maximum Hours Per Week: Min hours Max hours

    Do you have access to a reliable car or truck every day: YesNo
    If you don’t have access to a reliable vehicle every day, what days do you have access to a reliable car or truck: MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday

    Days and times you will be available for work: MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday

    Most of our business is in Bend. Would you be willing to drive to work in these additional areas: RedmondSistersSunriverLapine

    Some people are frightened to drive if there is snow or ice on the road. Would you drive to a job site if the road conditions were what could be considered normal for the Bend area during the winter season?

    Is the reliable vehicle you will normally be driving to work covered by automobile liability insurance: YesNo
    Note : We will require proof of insurance

    Number of at-fault auto accidents in the last three years:

    Number of tickets (moving violations) with the last three years:

    Would you have trouble working as part of a team: YesNo
    Please explain.

    I have, by my own hand and under no kind of duress, completed this employment application. I know the answers I have given to be truthful and not misleading. I am 18 years of age or older and permitted to work in the United States of America. By signing the application I hereby give Details Professional Cleaning permission to check my driving history and/or criminal history and/or with my previous employer(s) if I answered "Yes" to the items above on this employment application.

    Date Signed: in Deschutes County, Oregon

    Applicant’s Signature:

    WORK HISTORY (Must be filled in completely for application to be considered)

    Dates of employment:

    Reason for leaving:

    What did you like most about this job?


    Dates of employment:

    Reason for leaving:

    What did you like most about this job?


    Do you give us permission to check your driving record:

    Do you give us permission to check your criminal history:YesNo
    Other names, if any, you have gone by (maiden name, previous married name, etc)

    Please describe your thoughts on cleaning and why you would be an asset to Details:

    Please list the benefits Details Professional Cleaning would obtain from hiring you. Don’t forget any education or training you have in the residential cleaning industry:

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